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Can you imagine the front of our Education Center without its large stained-glass cross? In its original design, the cross was not there at all. The planning process of the building brought about quite a few changes from the original design. After some discussion at a CLHSA meeting it was decided that–even though the additional expense would be significant–the cross was important.

Sharing God's Word with hundreds of students. Working with families and congregations to mold them into Christian leaders in their homes, their congregations, and their workplaces has always been our mission.

The photos in the video above chronicle the construction process that made the cross a part of our Education Center almost 10 years ago.

What's so important about an oddly shaped window? Quite simply, without any words at all, it tells what we're all about. The cost of funding our school over its thirty-four year history has always been a challenge, but a challenge that, with God's help, the members of our California Lutheran High School Association have always met.

For our entire history our school has been...ALL...about the Cross. Many things have, and will continue to change at California Lutheran High School. We will, however, always be...All About the Cross.

Sharing God's Word with hundreds of students. Working with families and congregations to mold them into Christian leaders in their homes, their congregations, and their workplaces has always been our mission
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God has richly blessed California Lutheran High School throughout its history. For over 30 years, CLHS has served students and families by providing Christ-centered education, fellowship, friendship, and opportunities in athletics and the arts. Read below for a brief synopsis of our history, a testament to God's goodness and grace!

The History of California Lutheran High School

1972: The California Delegate Conference authorizes a committee to initiate the founding of a Lutheran high school in California.

1975: The CLHS Association meets in Bakersfield, California to adopt a constitution and elect a Board of Directors.

1976: The CLHS Association is incorporated as a non-profit educational institution.

1977: California Lutheran High School opens for its first school year with Pastor Milton Burk serving as the first principal. Classes are held at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Garden Grove, California with ten students enrolled in the 9th grade.

1979: CLHS leases a public elementary school in Tustin, California.

1980: The high school reaches four-status after adding one class per year from 1977 to 1980.

1981: The first senior class graduates from CLHS in June.

1982: The student body reaches 78 students with five full-time and two part-time instructors. Kenric Peterson becomes the second principal.

1984: The enrollment reaches 100 students with over 50 boarding students.

1985: The Renata Greder Estate permits the high school to purchase 54 acres of property in Rancho California.

1990: After considering and offering to purchase six other sites, the Association sells the Rancho California property. The association looks to Riverside County to purchase property. Within three years the present site in Wildomar is purchased.

1994: The high school moves onto the Wildomar site.

1995: Pastor Gregory Bork becomes the third principal.

1998: An architect begins drawing plans for a permanent building and a capital fund drive is initiated. A development director joins the CLHS staff.

2000: The Association gives approval of plans. The engineering and permit process begins.

2001: Construction of the new building begins late in the year.

2002: On September 1 over 700 people gather for the new building dedication. Enrollment reaches 118.

2007: CLHS celebrates its 30th anniversary. Steve Rosenbaum becomes fourth principal.

2008: Andrew Aguilar becomes first superintendant of CLHS. Steve Rosenbaum serves as first academic principal.

2008: CLHS begins CLIP (California Lutheran International Program) under the direction of Pastor Thomas Zimdars.

2012: CLHS celebrates its 35th anniversary.